(Daniel Korsunsky)

Well this can’t be good. Last Monday, a very disheveled Professor Miranda Stevens strolled into her World Cinemas class 20 min late, threw her bag on the table, and started….lecturing?

“I didn’t know what to do,” recalls student Jessie Wood. “I don’t even know what a lecture is. Does it have a soundtrack? Can I build an entire personality around it?”

According to Jessie’s classmates, this wasn’t the first time Professor Stevens had made it clear she was going through something. “One day, she came in wearing brand-name sunglasses, ushered her school-age son into a seat in the front row, and then…assigned us a reading. I hated seeing her in such a bad place.”

Luckily, by Friday, Professor Stevens seemed to be doing better. With a spring in her step and coffee in hand, she bounced into class, turned on a documentary, and immediately left. Although they were glad to see their professor doing better, students were admittedly disappointed to be back to their grueling work so soon. 


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