In the wake of the tragic announcement made by the (virgin) health inspector from the city of Montreal, the students of McGill have been organizing. 

The idea that samosas can no longer be sold in their full, lukewarm, Tribune-wrapped glory on campus has stirred the student body like nothing before, prompting a walkout predicted to be at least 10x size of climate strike. Students asked about their stunning commitment to the cause have remarked that they are “shocked [they] now have to go to school to study, instead of to eat samosas”. 

Sam O. Sah (U1, Chemical Engineering) has remarked that he finally feels that he is fighting for a cause that actually matters. “Maybe this time the politicians will actually listen to us,” said Sah, fighting back tears, “I just don’t want to imagine my kids growing up in a world without samosas. What kind of a world would that be!?” 

One can only hope that SamosaGate is reversed soon. And with the renewed allyship of the entire student body coming together like never before, it seems change truly is on the horizon.


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