While familiarizing herself with the university governing documents one slow Friday evening, first-year student Ava Mendes discovered something concerning.

“Yeah, so this is the McGill Whistleblowing Policy, which is supposed to protect those who report improper activities committed by members of the university,” she said, pulling up a copy of the policy. “Uh…it’s just a PDF that says ‘snitches get stitches’.”

In an email to The Why Intersection, McGill Principal Fuzanne Sortier wrote:

“Over the past few months the administration has been taking concrete steps to make the university as accessible as possible. Up first was getting rid of all the big, scary words in many of the school’s policies so that students will actually want to read them. This shouldn’t change how we operate at all.

“The new Whistleblowing Policy drills right to our core values—no more superfluous jargon and institutional protection. We figured it was best to undertake this project quietly, since it seems everyone is still all riled up about the whole ‘holding sexual predators accountable’ thing.”


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