The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts announced this Friday that it would soon open the doors to its long awaited ‘Décor de la Frat House’ exhibit. The city has been abuzz about this incredible exhibition for weeks and is now excited to become a part of this truly spectacular experience.

As you enter the large and mostly empty room, your attention will be immediately drawn downwards, as you’ll find your shoes are stuck to the floor. This is  due to the fact that the entire floor has been covered in cheap beer, fireball, and an astonishingly diverse array of bodily fluids. This potent cocktail of sin has been left to dry so as to form a thick film of highly sticky material. It’s like being in a real frat house!

The exhibit itself presents a range of fraternity house decor, from the traditional to the contemporary. Large wooden paddles hang from the ceiling and the south wall is covered in shelves filled with empty liquor bottles. A beer pong table sits in the corner, and if you strain your ear just right you can hear the sound of bouncing ping pong balls, cheers, and homophobic slurs. The exhibit draws you in as if into another world, making you forget the outside world in order to enter the mindset of a ‘brother.’

The experience is hard to put into words; it is…. obscene…. yet transcendant. Gutteral…. yet sophisticated. In my humble, (yet objectively superior) opinion, ‘Decor de la Frat House’ is quite possibly the most important work of art of the decade. It is an absolute must see, and I highly recommend you get your tickets while they are still available.


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