Wow! That’s some super dope organizing work you’re doing! Ever wonder if it’s cool and effective work or just a distraction from a lonely and mediocre middle-class life? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Tell us about the issue! Why is it so important to you?
    1. This issue is SO important. It directly affects people’s lives and is fundamentally a question of justice. Nevermind that I have no clear connection.
    2. That’s a good question. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do care about the issue, but I also care about a lot of issues you know? And if I cared so much why didn’t I do it before? It almost feels more like an accident of the incomprehensible happenstances of life that just so happened to throw me into this cause at this particular time. I mean, I always “cared” about the issue, but until a friend introduced me to the other organizers I never really did anything about it so what does that say about how much I really care? If I had happened to be pulled into another group would I be preachin about how important it is just the same? I’m honestly unsure.
    3. My personal safety, health, and community are directly impacted by this, so what do you mean why is it so important? This isn’t a choice, what’s important is survival and dignity.
    4. Not really an activist, but hey cool quiz dude.

  2. Cool! What have you achieved this far?
    1. We haven’t really achieved any of our specific goals but I feel like the point of this work can also be by training us to do good work in the future.
    2. Well our demands haven’t been met yet, and I suppose I could argue that we have so-and-so plan to ensure that we achieve that goal but the campaign is now eight-years old and I don’t think I’m actually confident that we’ll end up having any impact over this issue. My friend earlier said something about it being about training activists but that just seems like a cop out, like we never intended to win. How do you even claim to be practicing fighting for a cause without learning how to win? It doesn’t make sense. Between you and me I think there’s this tiny part of us that almost doesn’t want to win because it would mean we’d have no purpose anymore. I know that I’ve wrapped up my identity and social life in being that person-who-fights-for-this-cause and if we won I’d be thrown into isolation and existential despair. 
    3. At most I can say we’ve slowed things down, but obviously that’s not enough. Things are getting really rough and I’m not sure what will happen if we don’t make some gains soon but until then we just keep fightng and strategizing.
    4. So yeah, like I said earlier, I’m not really an activist just kind of reading this quiz for the comedic value you know? So I can’t have really achieved anything or whatever but uhh thanks for checking in?

  3. You seem exhausted, have you ever considered taking a break?
    1. Ha silly me soooo tired and overworked :))) don’t know what I’m going to do about lool.
    2. The other day I overheard someone saying that  at any given point they were either overworked or cripplingly depressed. Take that as you will.
    3. I would love to take a break, but I don’t really get the privilege of just taking breaks you know? I get that the system is designed to crush me into passivity but the threat is too high.
    4. I think this bit is getting old but fuck you I don’t “look tired.”


  • Mostly As and Bs: 
    • Wow you sure do a lot of activism! Have you ever considered that you do it due to a deeply ingrained need to be productive at every single second and therefore use activism as an excuse to see people without feeling guilty about just hanging out like a human being? Think about it!
  • Mostly Cs:
    • Oh shit you’re like a real activist. Good luck with that.
  • Mostly Ds: 
    • Oh hey thanks for reading, kind of weird that you stuck around to the end since it definitely wasn’t targeted at you but uhhh cool to have you around I guess.


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