A new mobilization is picking up steam – born out of the fountain of knowledge otherwise known as Facebook – a petition has emerged demanding McGill reopen its doors for the Fall 2020 semester.

Unlike similar campaigns cropping up across the country, McGill students are unique in their motivation for reopening.

“I was born there and God willing I’ll die there” – explains the movement’s leader, in a heartfelt plea to Administration, demanding she be allowed to follow the age-old tradition of dying in Leacock 132.

While some fellow students have been quick to criticize, most have echoed their support, joining the comment-section picket line to fight for their right to make their last breath be one filled with asbestos and first-year B.O.

So move over Rosa Parks, there’s a new leader refusing to leave her seat – it’s 12J, right in the back, near the air conditioning vents.


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