“These folks don’t understand what it’s like for people who are precariously employed like me, or for those who are most marginalized in society.” Lydia says before returning back to her iPhone11 to shop for a new wooden distressed table on the PotteryBarn app. 

U3, International Development, Lydia worked in sustainable micro-finance research this summer (three weeks, part time). Her internship was sponsored through crowd funding from local NGOs, individuals, and a $200 Arts Internship Office Stipend. Coincidentally, her Father was the largest donor with a $7,000 donation. 

“It’s almost like, people have zero awareness of where they’re able to impact social problems?” she says after taking a sip of her double espresso latté from Dispatch out of her $40 Hydro flask. 

“It’s just… I’ve noticed while living in Westmount [in a Renovated Heritage Building] that there’s just so much injustice in this neighbourhood, in Montreal, and Canada largely. Wealth inequality wasn’t as much of an important issue this election cycle as it should have been.” 


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